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Educational Consulting

Dr. Myers is a highly skilled and effective School Psychologist with 14-years of experience serving school-aged children in the public education setting.  He understands the legal parameters and challenges that parents may face in the process of seeking an evaluation and IEP.  In fact, many parents are unaware that the school district is responsible for the identification and remediation of disabling conditions that affect learning. Furthermore, many parents feel overwhelmed by the information that they are provided and have difficulty understanding their parental rights. 

If you have concerns about your child's school based evaluation or IEP, Dr. Myers can provide you with recommendations for academic programming and accommodations.  If you are dissatisfied or confused with your child's evaluation findings, he can review the findings and provide you with a better understanding of the results and if further testing is warranted.


School Psychological Services: Assessment, Consulting, Training and Intervention

Never to settle into a traditional School Psychologist role, Dr. Myers’ passions, skills, and advocacy have determined his pursuits in the public education system.  He has served as the clinician in a therapeutic educational program with the goals of fostering independence and integrating special education students into the mainstream, least restrictive environment (LRE).  Dr. Myers carved out a role, serving as School/Family Resource Liaison at Pascack Valley High School where he was integral in the creation, development, and organization of a student Wellness Center, which has been the model for other schools across upper Bergen County, New Jersey.


Dr. Myers  brings with him extensive experience with state, county and inter-agency stakeholders, including inpatient and outpatient treatment providers, the Children’s System of Care, the Division of Family Guidance, and the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP).  He is a seasoned presenter, covering topics related to mental health awareness and suicide prevention.  Dr. Myers can provide contracted school psychological services for local Districts and Regional Service Providers for the following:

Mental Health Assessment for High Risk Students

Schools are frequently challenged to assess and provide interventions for high risk students, including those with chronic attendance issues, suicide risk, violence risk, and acute mental health concerns.  Dr. Myers is a skilled clinician, adept evaluator and knowledgeable of the legal/ethical and best practice standards in the prevention, assessment and management of suicide and violence risk in the school setting.  He has evaluated hundreds of students and patients for suicide risk, has provided forensic assessments of violence recidivism for juvenile offenders and has advanced training in behavioral threat assessment.  


Dr. Myers believes that a key component of a sound mental health assessment must include appropriate safety and mitigation plans. He can assist school personnel in addressing the needs of high risk students through fostering positive connections between the school, student and family, and integrating community and school-based mental health supports.  Dr. Myers provides both assessment and consultation services for high risk students. 


School Neuropsychological Evaluations

With advanced training and Board Certification in School Neuropsychology, Dr. Myers provides comprehensive Psychological, Psycho-educational, or School Neuropsychological evaluations for conditions covered under IDEA including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Emotional Dysregulation Impairment, ADHD, Intellectual and Learning Disabilities.  Additionally, Dr. Myers has been called upon to conduct assessments during disputes in the IEP process, and has provided forensic psycho-educational assessments and expert witness testimony on cases of alleged educational neglect.   


Dr. Myers firmly believes that schools must invest in Tier 1 supports in order to properly address student mental health concerns.  He is passionate about universal mental health supports including: trauma-informed classrooms, addressing discipline through restorative justice, and social-emotional learning.  Dr. Myers can work with school-based mental health teams to improve their tiered system of mental health supports through professional development workshops or through a more regular and sustained consultation relationship.  Topics may include:  ​​

  • Building and maintaining a school/district mental health team

  • Mental health needs assessment and resource mapping 

  • Evaluation of relevant policies and procedures

  • Evaluation of mental health prevention/education efforts

  • Developing effective school-community partnerships to support students


Dr. Myers can deliver professional development workshops on tiered systems as well as, suicide prevention, assessment and intervention; violence and behavioral threat assessment; and assessment and intervention strategies for chronically absent students.​  He also provides individual case consultation to Child Study Teams when a particular case has become legally contentious or there is a need for an outside expert opinion.   


Intensive Family Support and Consulting 

Dr. Myers has provided intensive in-home therapy and parent training for children and their families, as well as, court-ordered forensic assessments of parenting risk for DCPP.  This experience has taught him that there are no “bad” parents, but that some parents lack the appropriate resources, support, and/or skills.  He also understands that students do not exist in a vacuum and it is critically important to work with families and integrate community mental health and school-based supports.  Dr. Myers is able to work with the families of high risk students to provide brief, solution-focused interventions to engage families in the therapeutic process.  He is able to provide home and telehealth services to families and provide school personnel with consultation support for high risk students.

Mental Health Systems Consultation and Training

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